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I have done what you have said but it does not work, would you like me to send the replica watches back to you and you send me other replica watches out when you get these replica watches back. If so would you give me the address were to send back to you. I now understand about the back of the watch dont worry about that. I just want the replica watches to work. Can't you just replace it for one thats works, it will cost me money again for them to look at it. The main secone hand should not move till you push the top button at 2 o clock that is always on you can't stop that yet, that is the stop and start it's the small clock at 9 o clock that should always be going. Please could you get me replica watches sale that works well, I will send you this replica watches sale back if you give the the place to send it to. Thank you for getting back. If you can sort this out I will be getting more replica watches from you.

Once the replica watches sale arrived the retaining clasp was not attached on one side, as it was for a present. I had it repaired at a jewelers because of the time aspect. The watch was given as a present to my brother in law and has now broken, there is something rattling around inside the replica watches and it will not auto wind. I assume that the watch is covered by a warranty as its only been worn three times. Due to the problems I have encountered I would think it's best to return the replica watches for a refund as this has made me concerned for the quality of the product. I replied to you email e few days ago, and stated that a refund on return of the replica watches sale would be preferable. Due to the two problems that have occurred I am not happy with the quality of the product, as I stated previously I know this is not an original, but for this amount of money I would expect it to be a reasonably robust timepiece. Can you please forward me a rerun address. It is now more than 3 months since I returned the replica watches to you and I find it hard to believe that waiting longer will change anything. I purchased the watch in good faith but you sent the wrong one. I have paid for the replica watches and to have it shipped to me and also back to you. I am without the replica watches and have sent you a considerable sum of money. How do you propose to resolve this?